Space Oddity by David Bowie — vocabulary exercises


The vocabulary exercises below are based on the lyrics of David Bowie’s song, Space Oddity. Start with an easy matching exercise and then you can choose from five different task types (in the bottom right corner, where it says “Choose a Study Mode”): Match, Learn, Test, Flashcards, Spell – you can probably guess how each one works but try them all.

We have a number of exercises based on the song Space Oddity by David Bowie; here’s the list:

Coming soon: another listening comprehension gapfill and a reading comprehension task, followed by more vocabulary exercises.

Vocabulary exercises based on the U2 song One: drag, forgive, raise


We’ve had a number of exercises based on the U2 song One earlier, starting with a listening comprehension task, then a reading text on the background of the song, which was more of a vocabulary exercise, then two collocations tasks on the word blame, and a word formation exercise on the word disappoint.

The tasks in this post will help you learn how to use the words drag, forgive and raise.

The difficulty level of these tasks is slightly below B2 level (between intermediate and upper-intermediate).

There will be more vocabulary exercises based on this song.

Vocabulary exercises based on The River by Bruce Springsteen


All the vocabulary exercises in this post are based on the song The River by Bruce Springsteen.

Earlier we posted a number of exercises based on this classic song:

This post offers vocabulary exercises on the words haunt, aisle, curse and vanish.

There will be more vocabulary practice exercises based on this song.

Vocabulary practice: ‘disappoint’ – word formation


This post is part of the series featuring the words and expressions found in the U2 song One. The first in this series was the collocations exercises with blame.

In this exercise you have to put the word disappoint in the correct form to complete the sentences.

You’ll find more vocabulary practice exercises based on the song One later here.

Vocabulary practice: collocations with ‘blame’


The word blame occurred in the U2 song One. In these two exercises you can practice how to use this word in sentences.

Pronunciation (click on the Play icon):

Please note that in some sentences more than one answer might seem grammatically correct, but if you consider the meaning of the sentences you’ll realize that only one makes sense in each case.

Your task is the same in this second exercise, too:

There will be some more vocabulary exercises based on the words and expressions in One.

One by U2 — the background: a vocabulary exercise


This task is based on the background story of the song One by U2. Read the text and for each gap choose the most appropriate word.

A listening comprehension task based on the song appeared earlier on

There will be more tasks coming based on this song, including another listening comprehension exercise and also vocabulary practice tasks later.

A literary quiz


books in libraryThis is for those interested in advanced level vocabulary and literature. All the words in this quiz are at least C1 level but most of them are even higher and belong to a special register – literature. Still, they are useful to know but be careful when you want to use them in everyday conversation so as not to seem posh. However, if you use them in writing (in the right context!)  they should improve the quality of your text.

So, go ahead and see how many of them you get right – don’t worry, we won’t call you nescient if you make too many mistakes.