Vocabulary practice: 'disappoint' – word formation

Word formation

Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate form of the word disappoint word for each gap.
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  1. He was really after his team lost the game 10-1.
  2. Not making the team was a big for him.
  3. She was really that she didn't get the job, but she's got over it.
  4. The concert was really . Their music is much better on CD.
  5. Sales have been slow so far this summer. Normally, we'd be doing much better than this.
  6. You got in a fight at school with someone smaller than you? I'm really in you.
  7. It was such a to hear that Frank and Sandy wouldn't be coming to the wedding.
  8. The children will certainly be when they find out we can't go to the cinema tonight.
  9. It's cold and damp in London for the great Jubilee river pageant today, in contrast to the recent heatwave.
  10. His parents were so in him that they didn't speak to him all day.
  11. The kids were quite to hear that their grandparents wouldn't be able to make it out for Christmas this year.
  12. The boys' play in the game was a little ; we'd thought the team would do much better.