Vocabulary practice: 'raise'

A collocations exercise

Complete the sentences with the most suitable collocations. When you have entered all your answers, click on the Check answers button. If you make a mistake, please try again until you get all the answers right.
   a raise of      raise chickens      raise the minimum wage      raise your children      raise your hand      raised more than £352,000      raises the body temperature      the raising of sea levels      the raising of their children      was first raised   
The very existence of the islands of the Maldives are threatened by global warming, which results in .
If you know the answer, please .
The government has just announced that it is going to in our province to 8.00 an hour.
Contrary to popular belief, alcohol lowers rather than .
I just got over 50 cents an hour.
Jackie Kennedy once said that if you don't well, whatever else you do well doesn't matter very much.
The British flag on Hong Kong island in January of 1841.
My aunt and uncle for the fresh eggs.
In November 2000, pop star Elton John for his AIDS foundation through the sale of some of his clothes.
Most fathers these days take a greater role in than fathers of past generations.