Statue of The Beatles

Hey Jude by The Beatles — a listening comprehension gapfill


The Beatles are considered to be one of the greatest rock bands ever, and their song Hey Jude is certainly one of their most famous pieces.

In this listening comprehension gapfill exercise, you have to listen to the song and enter the missing words. You can also get letter hints if you’re stuck.

If you need more time to enter your answers, feel free to stop the playback or even rewind it.

The difficulty of this exercise is slightly below B2 level (upper-intermediate) since the vocabulary is not very advanced, the song is not very fast and Paul McCartney’s singing is easy to understand.

There will be more tasks based on this song coming soon, including a reading comprehension exercise on its background.

We have another Beatles song to help you improve your English listening comprehension: Eleanor Rigby. This version is a text reconstruction exercise (you need to add all the words) and this one is the well-known listening comprehension gapfill.

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