Vocabulary practice: vanish

A word formation exercise

Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate form of the word vanish for each gap. For some gaps you might have to add more words to form the correct tense.
Click on Check answers only when you have entered all your answers.
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If you make a mistake, please try again until you find all the correct answers.
  1. The magician in a puff of smoke, only to reappear inside a large box in the centre of the stage.
  2. The thief quickly into the night when the alarm rang.
  3. Several species of animals have from the region as the forest is cut down.
  4. A recent study warns that certain types of sharks, including the great white shark of "Jaws" fame, are close to from North Atlantic waters.
  5. Chimpanzees have largely from the forests of Burundi due to the destruction of their natural habitat.
  6. Virunga Park is home to the mountain gorilla.