No Ordinary Love by Sade — a listening comprehension exercise


This is probably not even B2 level as the vocabulary of the song is not difficult at all and Sade is quite easy to understand too.

Listen to the song and enter the words you hear; feel free to stop the video whenever you like.

The River — the background story: a reading comprehension exercise


A few days ago we published a listening comprehension task on the song The River by Bruce Springsteen. The reading comprehension task below tells the background story of this song.

You have to put the sentence parts in the correct order to create the text.

Text source (with modifications).

John Lennon: Jealous Guy – a listening comprehension exercise


An easier exercise this time — Jealous Guy by John Lennon. Watch the video, listen carefully to try and understand the lyrics, then write the words you hear in the box under the video player, where it says ‘Guess’.

Two words have been added to help you a bit; also, the asterisks show how many letters the words have. When you enter a correct word, it will be added everywhere it appears in the lyrics so you don’t have to type it multiple times.